Book Review: ‘The Darkest Corner’ Is A Promising Start To A New Series

I always love reading books that will be a continuing series. The first book in her Gravediggers series, The Darkest Corner (Pocket Books; in store Tuesday, May 23), by Liliana Hart is a very good beginning.

An elite squad of men who have worked for intelligence agencies have been marked for death, when they are approached by a mysterious woman with an offer. Die like your suppose to or die and come back to live and work for me for 10 years. Everything and everyone you know will think your dead. And you will look like you’re dead. Just as it seems like they’re dead, they get dug up and injected with a serum and come back to life.

Deacon Tucker takes the offer and soon is joined by others. They are know as The Gravediggers. They will go on special assignments to save the world from the bad guys. This secret organization is know to only a few (not even the US government knows about it).

They live in a small town near Dallas, TX called Last Stop. Their cover is working for a mortician named Tess Sherman. She was all set to buy the place until it was bought out from under her. She was convinced to stay on. She thought it odd that these guys were assigned to work and live here. She also felt an attraction to Deacon.

One morning Tess stumbles upon something she shouldn’t and decides it’s maybe time to move on. Deacon and the organization does not want her to leave. Deacon confesses who and what he does. He also confesses his attraction to Tess. She is brought into the fold and helps them out with their missions to stop a plot that could be as bad as 9/11.

Deacon and Tess also fall for each other and it could be the beginning or the end depending on the mission and if they can open their hearts to true love (and minor spoiler there’s some hot sex written about).

A love story, an action adventure with riveting characters make for a good beginning to a new series of books!

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