Book Review: ‘Dark Site’ Is The Next Exciting Sam Dryden Novel

by | May 11, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author Patrick Lee is back with his third Sam Dryden novel. My first time reading one of them and I loved it. The character is great. The story starts off fast and never lets up. A page-turning story right up to the very end.

Danica Ellis is shopping late at night at Kroger when she is attacked in the parking lot and being kidnapped. She manages to escape and heads to the one place she thinks will be safe. She heads to her former Step-Father. At the same time Sam Dryden is looking at house he may buy and flip. And then he’s attacked but manages to take out the man trying to grab him. He gets the guys phone and gets some info before someone is on to him. He heads off to the same place Danica is headed to. Danica finds out their is some big secret and before she can find out everything the house is under attack. Sam gets there and is able to rescue Danica and they flee.

The two of them don’t know each other but they actually do. Their memories were ‘scrubber’ when they were 12 years old. They go to a friend of her late father’s and start to learn what happened all those years ago. The FBI arrives and again they are under attack. Someone does not want them to remember. The FBI is at a loss as well what happened. They have very few bits of information from then.

In flashbacks we learn their the pasts of both Danica and Sam from when they where 12 and they first met and what it was they witnessed. And when they return to the scene their lives are in danger and they face something they are not prepared for.

The story flashes back and forth between today and then and reveals all the questions that come up in the story. The characters are great and the story shows why author Patrick Lee is one heck of thriller writer.

You can pick up Dark Site in stores on Tuesday, May 28th from Minotaur Books.