Book Review: ‘Into A Dark Frontier’ Is A Thrilling, Action Adventure

The story centers around ex-Navy SEAL Slade Crawford, who has been set up and is accused of terrorism. Slade is an emotional mess. He young son died and his marriage broke up. He served time in jail and is now out and has a monitor bracelet on him. He’s fed up and makes plans to flee the country and go to South Africa with a group of religious people looking to make a new life.

After arriving in South Africa he’s escorting the group to a land where they can settle and start a new life. On the way they find towns that have been ravished and people murdered. Slade knows something is not right and he tries to get the group to turn around. They want to go forward. Slade does his best to arm and train the group. He becomes close to young Isaac and Elizabeth.

Soon Slade is tracked down and forced to work for an American Colonel who wants intel on the people killing the towns. Slade finds information on them and soon they are in a trap from the bad guys. Slade devises a plan of escape but some of the group want to go forward and they are massacred. Slade is too late to try and save them. He learns that some of the girls including Elizabeth are still alive.

He follows the trail to Nairobi still on his assignment to find out who has been arming the bad guys and to find Elizabeth. He soon learns out who is responsible and what has happened to Elizabeth. With the help of 3 Aussies, a plan is made and underway and it means life or death for all those involved.

Slade Crawford is one of the best characters I’ve read in years. He seems to have superhuman powers and manages to overcome almost everything. Some of the best writers today have endorsed this book including James Rollins, Mark Greaney and Steve Berry. Even though I am a nobody you can add me to the list. Here’s hoping author John Mangan writes more novels with Slade Crawford.

Into A Dark Frontier is in stores now from Oceanview.

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