Book Review: ‘Dark In Death’ Is The Next Exciting Eve Dallas Thriller

How I love J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts. She in my opinion cannot right a bad book. And now she is back with her latest Eve Dallas In Death book. I have been reading these In Death books for years and it’s one of my favorite series of books. If you’ve never read one jump on in. You don’t have to have read any previous books. Everything and everyone is explained so you won’t be lost.

In the new book a crazy killer is basing murders on a best set of best-selling novels based on a police detective team. It’s driving Eve Dallas crazy when a girl is killed in a movie theater with an ice pick during a pivotal scene during Psycho. The killer quickly leaves and there’s not many clues. Then thanks to her reporter/friend Nadine, an author comes forward and says the murder seems based on her novel. Eve takes that and starts reading her books and figures out what the next murder might be.

Interviewing and reading over the authors e-mails and fan mail, she’s able to put together a profile of who the killer might be and why. The murderer is writing her own stories and putting acting out the killings. Eve decides she needs to change the story and get herself included into the story. The more they dig, the closer they get to the truth and finding the killer.

Although these are always murder mystery stories, there’s a lot of LOL fun. Eve is kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to certain stuff. And J.D. Robb writes some really funny stuff, especially when it comes to Eve’s partner Peabody and the guys she works with at the Central police station and her cat Galahad. There’s also her personal life at home with Roarke, her rich tycoon of a husband. He’s always there to help and to give her some hot sex. In this story they are working their way through their big mansion and each room with hot sex (and J.D. can write some steamy scenes).

I so look forward to each novel as they come out and you can join in when Dark In Death hits stores on Tuesday, January 30th, from St. Martin’s Press.

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