Book Review: Danielle Steel’s ‘The Apartment’ Is A Great Book About Friendship

Are you one of the over 650 million people that sometime in your life read a Danielle Steel book? If you haven’t now is a good time to start. The Apartment (Delacorte Press; May 3) is a great look at the friendship of four women living together in Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

Claire Kelly who is twenty-eight and a shoe designer at a company that doesn’t value her work. They want simple and she wants flashy and is frustrated at her job. Abby Williams who is twenty-nine who’s a creative writer (and in a horrible relationship with her boyfriend). Morgan Shelby who works on wall street and has a great boyfriend in Max (who owns an awesome restaurant). And Sasha Hartman who’s in medical school at NYU. The four end up living together in a big loft. And they get along like sisters and family.

The book follows there lives today five years after they all moved in together. Claire and Abby had the place to themselves for four years before renting out the other two rooms. The all come and go as they have busy lives and might just pass in the hall. Every Sunday night they have roommate dinner with Max cooking and anyone is welcome.

Claire is sending her resume out looking for that right job and meets Morgan’s boss a rich wall street guy and they start dating and fall in love. Abby finally sees the light with her boyfriend and decides to get back to her writing and meets the write person to help her along. Morgan and Max are doing great until something unexpected happens and a work situation arises, both of which will change her life forever. And Sasha soon meets a fellow doctor and they are instantly attracted and fall in love. Something she wasn’t counting on. Her identical twin sister is a model and gets into a situation that has a profound effect on Sasha.

The Apartment is a really well written book. The characters are flushed out and you feel like your friends with them. At the heart of the book is love, friendship and a family bond. And yes it is about four women that do live together and believe it or not they get along! No cat fights, arguments just support for one another. If this is how people live in Hell’s Kitchen in New York sign me up!

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