Book Review: ‘Dachshund Through The Snow’ Is The Next Fun Andy Carpenter Mystery

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

It’s Christmas time and Andy Carpenter’s wife Laurie has proclaimed the Christmas season will start earlier and end later. Every year she does more and more to help those less fortunate. This year is no different. She goes and grabs letters sent to Santa left on trees at a local pet store and whatever the wish is she will try and grant it. A young boy Danny, about the same age as their son Ricky, leaves one asking for a warm coat for his mother, a sweater for his Dachshund and his daddy returned to him. This touches Laurie and she reaches out to the family to see what is up with dad.

Fourteen years he was involved with a girl that murdered and he has never mentioned it or told the police. He thought he was safe (his DNA was at the scene). His brother did a ancestor search and his DNA was available and after all these years it was traced back to him and the police arrested him for the murder. He says he is innocent. Laurie gets Andy to take the case.

Andy will have to work really hard on this one to overcome the DNA evidence. Soon someone is following Andy and Marcus is on the case and finds out that someone hired the guy to follow Andy. These leads to three murders of local thugs and this leads Andy to believe someone close to this case is scared. Andy’s live is soon at risk and it leads to a local business and a wealthy, respected businessman who may be the key to all of this and for Danny to get his dad back.

There’s also a side story involving a cop on the K-9 unit who is retiring and he wants his dog to retire at the same time. The dog still has one year of service left but is being moved to the drug division. This sets up a court battle with the dog being in court with Andy sitting in a chair while the hearing goes on. Andy will do anything to defend an animal!

These Andy Carpenter novels are just the best. Author David Rosenfelt is a real life dog lover and has a foundation to help dogs. It shows in his writings and his stories. The characters in this book are also great. And Andy writes a lot of LOL moments in his stories to make them truly fun to read. He even gives himself a shout out in the book (and I chuckled when I read it).

You can pick up Dachshund Through The Snow in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Minotaur Books.