Book Review: ‘Curioddity’ Is A Fun, Magical Read

Buckle down the hatches and get ready for a fun, magical ride. Curioddity by author Paul Jenkins (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, August 30). Not since Harry Potter have I had such a good time ready a story that involves magic. I couldn’t put the book down until the last word was read. Here’s hoping that this will be a series of books!

Will Morgan is basically bored with his life. Everyday seems to follow the same pattern. He meets his sees his land lady and her cats every morning before he walks to work. He stops and gets his coffee at the same place (and is annoyed by their marketing). He gets to his office and hears messages from people that he owes money to. He thinks back on his life to the day his mom died when he was ten years old and everything changed for him. And to makes things worse his father calls and says he’s coming to visit. He hasn’t been honest with him about his life and this freaks him out.

Then one day a mysterious man Mr. Dinsdale shows up, he’s the owner of a museum that Will has never seen or heard of calld Curioddity Musuem. He has a job for him to find a mysterious box of levity (Will is an investigator). Offered a lot of money, Will takes the job, not sure how he will find the box.

While going to the office, Will deviates from his normal route and finds a new world he has never seen before. He goes into a magic show where he meets Lucy, who will change his life. He finds the box in his store and gets a date with her. He also buys his first cell phone with a hilarious talking operating system (think Siri).

Mr. Dinsdale soon gives him part two of his job. Retrieve an old electric bill from the bank that owns his property, that they claim never paid an old surcharge. This leads to a magical, mystery of epic proportion. It will take all the magic and cunning to save him, Lucy, his dad, Mr. Dinsdale and others. It’s a magic showdown for the ages!

If you’re into magical stories, this is the book for you. Here’s hoping a movie studio scoops this up into a feature film!

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