Book Review: ‘Curfew: A Novel’ By Jayne Cowie

The debut novel from author Jayne Cowie has an interesting plot…what if men could not go out between 7pm and 7am? Would it stop crime and make women feel safe? It’s Britain in the near future and a law was passed years ago that says men cannot be outside their homes during those hours. They have trackers on and can be sent to prison if found violating the curfew. And then a woman is found murdered in the park and Police Officer Pamela thinks a man did it but how could he? No one is found to have been out after dark. Sarah is a single mom, with a 17 (soon to be 18) year old daughter Cass, who is bitter about the curfew, as her dad has been in prison for breaking his (something her mom forced). As she turns 18 she can now see him, he’s been released. Helen is one of the teachers of Cass and has gotten a cohab certificate to live with her boyfriend Tom, who seems to be a real jerk, she just doesn’t see it. Then one of them is murdered and their lives will all intersect as the investigation into the murder is ramped up. A solid debut novel with twists and turns and an interesting plot that keeps you engaged in reading throughout the novel.

You can pick up Curfew in stores on Tuesday, March 22nd from Berkley.

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