Book Review: ‘Crown Jewel’ Is The Next Thrilling Simon Riske Novel

Think James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan and any other well known suave spy and you can include Simon Riske now. He’s a man among men. He’s good looking, smart, quick and for problem solving there’s not one better. Simon owns a car repair shop in London for very high end cars and business is booming. He likes to gamble, drink and the ladies. On a night out playing blackjack he’s a little behind on his initial buy in. He notices a man at the table winning big time and then sees he is cheating. He confronts the man but he gets away.

The next day he is called to a meeting and asked to go undercover to find the ring of cheaters that have been winning big time in a casino in Monte Carlo. As part of his cover he will also be entering the road race there. Fast cars and gambling is a dream to him. He gets to Monte Carlo and starts his assignment. On his first night he meets an intriguing woman who is a bit standoffish. Soon he learns she is a Princess of German descent. Her mother has been found dead by accident but she doesn’t believe it. Soon she is in over her head and Simon is there to help her and to save her. Her son the prince is kidnapped as part of a plan that has ties to the gambling ring and Simon is in over his head. Of course that means nothing to Simon. He soon learns he can’t trust everyone and he has to save the Princess and her son before it’s too late.

Any story that has gambling, drinking, fast cars, beautiful people, twist and turns and Simon Riske is fine with me. This is the second book with Simon (I didn’t read the first one). He’s a great character and hopefully there will be more adventures with man who solves problems with him in the future.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, March 26 from Mulholland Books/Little Brown.

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