Book Review: ‘In the Crosshairs: A Sniper Novel’ Is Another Great Kyle Swanson Story

Kyle Swanson is back and he’s on a mission that could cost him his life and make him a rogue agent in the latest adventure In The Crosshairs by Jack Coughlin with Donald A. Davis. The book is in stores on Tuesday, August 1st from St. Martin’s Press.

Kyle is in Mexico at the funeral of his friend Francisco Miguel Castillo, who was murdered by the cartel. It’s a big loss for him and his wife Beth/Coastie (and someone that Kyle cares for deeply). As they are heading to the cemetery to bury the body, Kyle notices something and tells everyone to get down. A bomb had been let off. Kyle and Coastie are safe and Kyle is pissed off about it. He wants to find the person(s) responsible for this. Coastie a former agent as well wants to help as well. Kyle tells her it’s been years and she needs to train to see if she can even do it.

Kyle meets with his boss Martin Atkins and is told he has to work with another agent name Luke Gibson (someone that is full of himself and jealous of Kyle). Kyle doesn’t trust him and wants to work on his own. They figure out a rogue agent named Nicky Marks is responsible for the bombing and other things that have been going on. They are quickly on his trail (Nicky is aware and is leading the trail for them). Nicky is working for a mysterious person known as The Prince, who’s pulling the strings. He even has gotten a Congresswoman and The House involved in his plan.

The finally get to Nicky which leads to a dramatic showdown, a betrayal and a potential deadly plan to bring the Prince to justice once and for all.

Another exciting story featuring Kyle, who is one of my favorite recurring characters over the past few years. The stories are action packed with twists and turns to keep the stories interesting.

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