Book Review: ‘Crooked River’ Is The Next Exciting Agent Pendergast Novel By Preston & Child

I’ve said in previous Preston & Child reviews how much I love their books. They have a unique way of writing their novels and characters. In the newest Agent Pendergast novel (number 19) they continue that trend. This is my first time reading one of the Pendergast novels and the character is awesome. He may be one of the best characters in all of books. The story is thrilling with a climatic climax and twists and turns to keep the reader on edge.

On the small South Florida island of Sanibel green sneakers are washing up on shore with human feet in them. Over 100 have landed so far. And it’s just feet no other body parts. FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast is on vacation now far from this and is put on the case, much to his chagrin. His ward Constance also ends up on the case as does Pendergast’s former partner.

Pendergast is unique. He’s looking at this situation a lot differently than all the others assigned to the case. He’s arrogant, a bit obnoxious but really good at what he does. While most everyone else thinks this is something from CUBA, he’s exploring other options and enlists oceanographer Pamela Gladestone to help him.

Things don’t go easy. It appears there’s a mole giving out information that puts Pendergast at risk along with Gladstone. They end up being captured and their lives in danger. It’s up to a few close friends and his ward to try and save him before it’s too late.

Another stellar book from Preston & Child that you can pick up in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from Grand Central Publishing.

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