Book Review: Crimes And Covers: A Magical Bookshop Mystery’ By Amanda Flower

by | Jan 1, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Violet Waverly is the owner of the Chraming Books in upstate New York. It’s not an ordinary bookstore but a magical one, where she is the caretaker, with a huge birch tree in the middle, a crow named Faulkner and a cat named Emerson, who look out for her. And the store caters to each customer with magical book recommendations. Three days before her wedding to the Chief of Police David Rainmaker, a mysterious woman comes in trying to sell a rare first edition of a book by Henry David Thoreau, it’s title is Walden. This woman is in a hurry, won’t give her name and storms out when Violet won’t buy it on the spot. She turns up dead in the river on the day of her wedding. And then another woman comes in and claims the book was here’s and she’s related to Thoreau. This sends Violet on a search to find the book and leads to another death and near death. And then Violet’s life is in danger, just as she finds out happy news. This is the fifth book in the series and it’s really good. I am a fan of this series, set in a small town, with magical over-tones. I especially love Emerson the Cat and Faulkner the Crown. Another well-done chapter in the series.

You can pick up Crimes And Covers in stores on Tuesday, January 11th from Crooked Lane.