Book Review: ‘Crime Scene’ Is A Good Start To A New Character Series By Jonathan Kellerman And Jesse Kellerman

The father and son team of Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman have teamed up for a new character and series of books. Crime Scene is the first novel with Clay Edison and in stores on Tuesday, August 1 from Ballantine Books.

Clay is a former star athlete who had his promising career cut short by an injury. He turned to law enforcement and works as a deputy coroner now. It’s been an average week at work. They get calls and go and pick up bodies and check out the areas where the deceased has been found dead. It’s usually pretty standard, by the books work.

Except in the case of Walter Rennert, a former professor who was forced to leave his job when a scandal broke out. He was found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Everything seems standard and it that it was an accident. His daughter Tatiana thinks it was murder, that someone pushed him. She has no proof of anything. She tries to convince the cops and also Clay. He feels bad for her and decides to do some investigating based on some things the has told him. He also has a hunch based on some other deaths and Walter’s checkered past.

Clay is not a detective but his hunches and skills are very good. The more he investigates, the more he thinks Tatiana might be on to something. He also becomes involved with her, which leads to complications. The more he digs, the more determined he is to find out the truth, which could lead to conflicts with other law enforcement officials and even his own job.

Here’s to more stories with this exciting new character!

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