Book Review: ‘Crazy Love You’ Is A Good Psychological Thriller

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Ian is a best selling novelist with a graphic series called Fatboy and Priss. Priss is based on a his friend of the same name who he grew up with. She’s a handful having protected Ian all her life. Ian has met a new woman Megan, who he has fallen in love with and wants to marry, who’s also pregnant with his child. He’s never been more happy.

Priss is not. She wants Ian for herself and when strange things start to happen to Ian, his life takes a big turn for the worst. Megan is trying to stand by him but it’s getting harder to believe in him. Now on the run, he returns to his childhood home looking for answers. It builds to a climatic ending that answers his questions in a most unusual way.

Lisa Unger has written a great psychological thriller that will make you want to read it as fast as you can to get to the climatic ending.

Crazy Love You is available in stores on Feb. 10.

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