Book Review: “Crazy Like A Fox’ Is The Next Fun Rita Mae Brown Talking Animals Story

Rita Mae Brown writes fun novels with talking animals. Her Sneaky Pie Brown series has been a hit as has her Sister Jane series. This is the next chapter in the series. It involves Foxhunting and more talking animals (like her Sneaky Pie Series).

It’s that time a year again. Time to get the hounds and horses ready for Foxhunting in Virginia. Sister has a meeting at the Museum of Hounds and Hunting. When she notices a hunting horn gone the only clue is a video on her iPhone of Wesley Carruthers with it. The only problem with that is he disappeared or died in 1954. A really good looking, ladies man at that time. He would hit on most women and end up bedding them. He was also accused of stealing some valuable jewelry. His body was never found so no one knew for sure.

This video and the horn missing is driving Sister crazy and she starts asking around about him. Could he still be alive (and still look so good) or is he a ghost? He starts showing up to people that knew him back in the day and it startles them. Sister is determined to get to the bottom of it.

While searching for the truth there’s also a bunch of fox hunts taking place. Her hounds and horses are on the chase. These animals can talk to each other and it’s quite humorous and makes you wonder if our animals can talk to each other. During the chase a situation arises and Wesley saves the day. Again is it him or a ghost. When sister finally gets to the bottom of who this man is and what he wants, it may solve a decades old case.

I learned more of Foxhunting then I ever thought I would. Rita Mae Brown goes into full detail on what it is all about and how it’s done. And anything with talking animals I am in!

You can pick up Crazy Like A Fox in stores on Tuesday, October 31st from Ballantine Books.

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