Book Review: ‘Cowboy Up’ If A Fitting Conclusion To The Coming Home Series

Harper Sloane is back with the third (and final) book in her Coming Home series. The first one centered on Maverick, the second on Quinn and this one the oldest Clayton. It’s the same pattern as the first two. They each have some issues to work through and by the end the have found love.

This one centers on Caroline, a woman running from her past and from being hurt. It’s been five years now and still she has the scars. She goes to her friend Luke’s bar looking to have a few drinks. Luke will look out for her, she’s like a sister to him. At the bar a mysterious cowboy is next to Caroline and they have small chat. She says she wants to be a bad girl (tired of being a good girl). A few drinks later and they are off together, get a room, the clothes are ripped off and she becomes a bad girl for one night. It’s mind blowing sex like they’ve never had before (and can author Harper Sloan write sex scenes). He’s gone in the morning and the only thing she knows is his name is Davis.

Caroline grew up in Pine Oak and let more than five years ago to be with her ex John (who became abusive). Her mother still lives in town (she doesn’t talk to her). She now owns a book store near where she grew up. When Quinn and Leighton (who are both pregnant and due within a week of each other) show up in her store, they renew their friendship. Caroline is invited to their baby shower. Happy to see her old friends she accepts. Little does she know this will change her life.

At the shower she sees him again. It’s been a few months since their night and she’s wondered about him. When Caroline’s mother shows up at the shower, she bolts and runs right into Clayton Davis, the mystery man. He helps her leave the party and they get to talking. They both say that night was incredible and there’s something between them. They decide to take a chance and date and see if indeed there is. They both have emotional baggage that they confess about. Caroline and her past and Clayton was hurt and in a bad relationship with a psycho ex named Jess. They fall in love fast and hard and have lots of sex (more hot scenes written).

Just as things seem to be going good, their exes show back up in their lives and it leads to a tragic situation where lives will be lost.

On the plus side Maverick and Quinn are doing great with their marriages and become parents. But this is a Clayton story and the rest are side players this time.

Harper Sloan can write some serious love stories. This being the third story in the series and it’s just as fresh as the first one. The story of the Davis family makes you feel like you’re part of their family. And as I’ve said a couple of times you can’t be a prude with the way she writes her sex scenes. They’re explicit and hot.

You can read for yourself when Cowboy Up is released on Tuesday, December 19.

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