Book Review: ‘Cottage By The Sea’ Is Debbie Macomber’s Latest And Greatest Novel

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Every time I read a new book by Debbie Macomber I think I fall in love with her a little more. She has never written a bad novel. And her latest is just great. She manages to write strong interesting characters that are flawed like you and me. This story has it all romance, the beach, animals, characters that you are rooting for, friendship and above all love.

The story centers around four main characters:

Annie Marlow: she suffered a tragic lost over the Thanksgiving holiday and has never forgiven herself for it.
Keaton: who saw Annie when she was a teenager on the beach and has been in love with her ever since. His father has rejected him his whole life and he has never had a lot of friends.
Mellie: she ran away when she was a teen with a man and her grandparents (who later died). She has not forgiven herself and has isolated herself inside her house.
Preston: He’s been in love with Mellie since high school and has been rejected by her. He’s a bit of a shut in himself.

The story takes place in the beach town of Oceanside where Annie has moved to in order to find her happy place after the tragedies of the last year and a half. It was a place she went to with her family for many years. She finds a job there as a PA at local clinic. She manages to rent the cottage they use to stay at from Millie (who is not friendly at all). She also runs into Keaton, who is shocked to see her after all these years. They strike up a good friendship and Annie slowly wears down Mellie as well. Add in Preston to the mix and you’ve got these four people (as well as some other local town people) that have a lot of hurt and emotional issues but come together to overcome and dare say maybe even be happy?

I can’t say enough about how great this book is. You can read for yourself when Cottage By The Sea it hits stores on Tuesday, July 17th from Ballantine Hardcover.