Book Review: ‘Copygirl’ Drowns In Redundant Melodrama

RCC Copygirl

“Mad Men” meets “The Devil Wears Prada” in this lively debut about a young woman working at the hippest ad agency in New York.

This is the debut novel by Anna Mitchael and Michelle Sassa. It is set in Now York City in the world of advertising, a profession that after having read this book, I would want absolutely no part of, nor indeed any sane girl on the planet. We are immediately dragged into the ad agency that Kay and her partner Ben have recently secured jobs in. They are copygirl writers, he draws the pictures while she does the writing. They share an apartment and she is more than aware that little else is shared.

She walks the gauntlet every day through a department of guys whose testosterone-laden comments are dull, to put it bluntly, they are pegged as losers by these guys. The central theme of the story is that the agency is in danger of losing its top client, and another company is searching for a new agency. So there you have it, we must save the agency!

You become privy to all the dealing, stealing, back-stabbing carry-on, and don’t ask about the ethics of professional people, you are constantly reminded of the mean girls from high school except it’s boys and girls behaving badly.

Perhaps this book would be better suited for people that actually work in the advertising world, they would know what was exaggerated and what was funny. Kay’s constant self-analysis from one sentence to the next, will leave you dizzy, and you will want to give her a smack upside the head while shouting “What the hell are you doing?” The characters she surrounds herself with have neither depth nor personality, one of them is simply referred to as “suit,” that’s all, “suit.”

Anyway, it might appeal to some and while it is a debut novel, the feedback might help the authors with their second book. They might discover what denotes too many words. I know a book needs words but give us a break, pause now and again.

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Ann McDonald

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