Book Review: ‘Commander In Chief’ Finds Jack Ryan At War With Russia

Jack Ryan is back and at war with Russia in the latest Tom Clancy novel written by Mark Greaney Commander In Chief (G.P. Putnam’s Sins; December 1).

After President Ryan foiled Russian leader Valeri Volodin in the last book, he is out for blood against the US and its allies. Coming up a plan to have different things happen around the world (killings, explosions and train attack) he launches his super powered subs in various seas, he thinks he has the perfect plan. He amasses troops on the border to the west with the plan to invade. All the while planning to move billions of dollars of money into private accounts in case his plans fail.

Jack Ryan sees through all this but convincing NATO and other countries proves to be hard. With various Campus operations going on with Jack Ryan Jr, Dom and Ding, all seeming to be part of Volodin’s plans, there’s chaos in the world.

As events unfold it points to the Russian leader and plans are formed to take stop him. It leads to a show down of force and who has the stronger will.

Other stories in the book include John Clark back in the field and Jack Ryan Jr. in love and his girlfriend in harms way, which may cost him his job at The Campus.

Another action filled book taking place all over the world, it continues the great legacy of the Jack Ryan character!

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