Book Review: ‘Come Sundown’ Is Another Good Nora Roberts Novel

An old crush comes to town and a family member who has been missing comes back after 26 years with an incredible tale, in Nora Roberts latest Come Sundown (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, May 30).

In 1991 Alice Longbow left her family in Montana to go find herself and to get away from her family. Three years later she decided to come home. Out of money and wanting to get home she is walking through the cold on her way there. A truck stops and the man driving asks if he can give her a life. She thanks him and tells her where she’s going. It was a big mistake on her part. She wakes up in a room with a chain on her leg. The man tells her she is now his wife and have his children and give him sons. She must obey him and call him sir. When she doesn’t obey him she gets beat. He also rapes her over and over. She gives birth to girls at first and he takes them and gives them away. She finally gives him a son. This goes on and on for 26 years.

In present day in Montana the Longbow clan is thriving under the leadership of Bodine (who was around when Alice left). She has expanded the family business to include a resort and their ranch is also thriving. When Callen Skinner (everyone calls him Cal) returns to town (he is an old family friend), he’s hired to run the ranch.

There was an attraction between Cal and Bodine (she is a few years younger then him) when they were growing up. He was best friends with her brother Chase. There’s an attraction between the two that talk about acting on (it sets up a romance between these two). There’s also other romances blooming within her family.

When two sudden murders take place right after Cal returns to town, a sheriff who has an old grudge against him, tries to pin the murders on him. Around this same time Alice has finally managed to break free from her capture and makes it back to her family (26 years later). She’s been brain washed and not quite sure who or what’s going on. Slowly she starts to remember and works her way back to her old self.

When Bodine goes missing in a case of mistaken identity, everyone goes on the hunt to find her and stop this maniac once and for all. When the person responsible is finally revealed it’s a shock to everyone.

A mystery, a romance an a well balanced story are the staples of a good Nora Roberts book. If you’re a fan of her work you won’t be disappointed with her latest.

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