Book Review: ‘Cold Feet’ Is Anything But Cold

Emma Moon’s life changes dramatically over the course of a few days.

Emma Moon is about to get married to a hot guy named Sam. She’s been having some second thoughts if this is the right thing to do. She loves him but has lingering questions about her past. She never met her dad and her mom has never been the best mother.

When her best friend Liv comes to take her to a spa before her wedding, she decides she would rather go to San Francisco and look for her dad (it’s the last known place he lived). Not sure how to find him, they just start searching everywhere they can.

Not having much luck they start hanging out with a couple of guys that where they’re staying. Emma is having fun with one of them Dusty and it makes her question her relationship with Sam even more. Soon she runs into an old friend, who hasn’t talked to her in years, and finds out she had a one night fling with Sam.

Already an emotional basket case with the wedding coming up and finding out about the one night stand pushes her more emotionally over the edge. When she confronts Sam he doesn’t deny it (he thought they were through). He tries to get her to forgive him and does everything he can to win her back. And then her and Liv have a fight, when she finds out something about her that Liv never told her.

The search for her father takes an unexpected twist and it’s up to her mother, to reveal the truth to Emma. Will Emma forgive Sam and reconcile with Liv?

An emotional and heart warming story about love, friendship and the need for family highlights the debut novel from Amy Fitzhenry. You can pick up Cold Feet (Berkley Trade Paperback Original) in stores Tuesday, September 1.

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