Book Review: ‘Claws For Alarm: A Cat Cafe Mystery’ By Cate Conte

Maddie James and her cat cafe is back for their fifth adventure. She now has 15 cats in the cafe, is living with Lucas and Ollie the dog and has a houseful of other people. Things at JJ’s House Of Purr are going really good. Business is up and getting attention on a national scene. And now Jillian Allen from The East Coast Rescue League wants to do a big fundraiser to draw attention to what Maddie is doing. It would have a big Hollywood celeb to help sell tickets. Maddie is excited and enlists her sister Val to help plan it. When they go to meet Jillian they find her dead. And Maddie soon learns about shocking ties with Jillian and the island she lives on. Maddie finds herself in the middle of the investigation and when someone else is attacked she figures it all out but it may be too late for her.

Book number five is another fun adventure with Maddie, JJ the cat and the rest of the quirky cast of characters. A fun summer read for the pool, lake or just staying cool indoors.

You can pick up Claws For Alarm in stores on Tuesday, July 27th from St. Martin’s paperbacks.

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