Book Review: ‘City Of Scoundrels’ Is The Next Fun Counterfeit Lady Novel’ By Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson is back with book number three in her counterfeit lady series. This one continues the romance of Elizabeth Miles and Gideon Bates. And another scheme is needed to stop a shady brother Fred Preston and step-mother Delia from stealing the inheritance of their new sister-in-law Rose Preston.

World War I is in full bloom and Lawyer Gideon Bates has decided he must do his part. He has signed up for the draft and is waiting to be called. His fiancee Elizabeth Miles is worried about him going. It has also pushed their wedding back until he returns. He could get a note to get out of going like his friend David did but he refuses to do that.

At the office Gideon gets a visit from Thomas Preston who is leaving to do his part soon. He has recently gotten married after a short courtship to Rose and they are expecting a child. She is not from the same social circuit as him but he doesn’t care. He loves her. He also has money from the family business that’s divided three ways between him, his brother and step-mother. He gets money for his share, run by his brother. A few months ago Fred had him draw up his will leaving his share of the business to him just in case. Thomas is updating his will and leaving everything to his new family. Tom draws up the will and it is signed and kept by Thomas (the only signed copy). Gideon has a copy not signed. Then his wife Rose gets the news he has gone missing in the war.

She goes and tells his family and they are shocked not about him missing but he was married. She also tells him she is now the heir. Fred is outraged and visits Gideon who confirms the will. Gideon is off to see Rose when an intruded runs out and Rose has been attacked and the will has been taken. With it being the only signed copy there’s not much Gideon can do for Rose.

He takes her to Elizabeth’s home for protection and then a scheme is devised to get Rose money one way or the other. It involves her shady father and brother Jake. They come up with plans to get money out of Fred and Delia for Rose and themselves. All good plans always come with a snag and it’s no different here. All the major players help out and soon they are able to get money but it could come with a cost to someone’s life when a devious plot is uncovered.

A bad case of the flu also hits the city, Gideon is called to war and someone close to the everyone will die.

I love these counterfeit novels. They have great characters, fun stories, romance and people you root for. The historical aspects make you feel like you there with them in the city. It is a series I look forward to seeing more of.

You can pick up City Of Scoundrels in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Berkley.

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