Book Review: ‘Citizen K-9: A K Team Novel’ By David Rosenfelt

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Corey, Marcus, Laurie and Simon the dog are back for their third K Team novel. This time around Pete has hired them at the Patterson Police Department to look into cold cases. Their first task is to re-open a case from 10 years ago of two people that vanished after a high-school reunion. No evidence was found one way or the other if they were killed or just took off. As the K-Team investigates it leads them to the local drug kingpins and a connection to them. Soon Corey is warned by a man named Z to back off. They have no intention of backing off and soon Corey and his girlfriend Dani find themselves in danger. Luckily they Marcus and Simon Garfunkel, the ex-K-9 dog, watching their backs. They soon get the breaks they need, a notorious drug king is dead and Corey figures everything out but it might be too late for someone. And if you’re a fan of Marcus from previous books, there’s a big reveal about him.

If you’re a fan of the Andy Carpenter novels, Andy has cameos in these books, but there all about the K-Team. Sharply written with some great LOL novels, they’re a lot of fun to read.

You can pick up Citizen K-9 in stores on Tuesday, March 15th from Minotaur Books.