Book Review: ‘Cirque du Slay: A Novel’ By Rob Osler

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

In Seattle an upscale circus is in town, with new artistic director Kennedy Osaka in charge, and wanting to make changes. She is friendly with Sarah Lee, who is friends with school teacher, and gay dating blogger Hayden, and his bestie Hollister, who attend the show. Sarah Lee has a fundraiser all set, which includes the circus as part of it, but Kennedy stiffs her on it, Sarah is mad and goes to the hotel to confront her, and next thing you know Kennedy is dead, and Sarah is being taken out in handcuffs. Hayden and Hollister decide they need to clear their friend, and begin an investigation, and have a list of potential suspects. They decide they need to make a trap, and get the killer to fall for it, as long as the killer doesn’t get them first. A fun mystery, with the circus fitting in perfectely with the plot, as well as the diverse list of characters in the novel. This is a fun one. In stores on Tuesday, March 5th from Crooked Lane.