Book Review: ‘Christmas In Vermont’ Is A Fun, Romantic Christmas Novel

Emma is unlucky at love. She finds a man in January and by December she has broken up with him. She cannot make a relationship work. She is suppose to be in Hawaii during the Christmas holidays but broke up with her latest right before they were to leave. Now she is alone at Christmas. She has her best friend Bronwyn and her two daughters and that is it.

When she goes to a shop to sell her bracelet she sees a watch in the display. A watch she bought years ago for her college sweetheart Fletcher. She ends up getting it back and starts thinking about him. Brownyn decides to search him out and finds out he is in Vermont at an Inn. Brownyn makes a reservation for Emma and tells her to go there and see him. Emma isn’t sure but decides to go. She sees Fletcher with a little girl Lola (his daughter) and a striking woman Megan (his finance). She and Lola become friends and start hanging out. Lola does not like her new stepmom to be.

Fletcher soon sees that his finance Megan is not right for him and they break up. Now he turns his attention to Emma and they start hanging out and talking. Emma and Lola have become real close. We learn via flashbacks about their relationship and why they ended up breaking up. Can Emma and Fletcher recapture what they once had?

A fun, romantic novel set at a beautiful location at an inn in Vermont makes for a heartfelt story of two people who may find love again. Well written characters, especially Lola, could make for a Christmas miracle.

You can pick up Christmas In Vermont in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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