Book Review: ‘Christmas At The Chalet: A Novel’ By Anita Hughes

Author Anita Hughes is back with her latest Christmas novel this time set in the Alps in St. Moritz during the week of Christmas. It’s the biggest week in the life of wedding dress designer Felicity Grant. She and her partner have decided this will be the best place to get the most publicity for her latest collection. It comes at a time when her personal life is in a bit of a flux. She was expecting (or hoping for) an engagement ring from her boyfriend of six years Adam. Instead she got a spa certificate. She left with this between them.

And then there’s Nell who is one of the top models for the showing. She’s also engaged but has one problem. Her parents are divorced and cannot stand being around each other. Her dad says he won’t go to the wedding if her mom is there and vice versa. Unknown to each of her parents they are both in St. Moritz at the moment and Nell has to juggle spending time with each other and them not running into each other.

When Nell slips and twists her ankle a hunky, single doctor happens to be there to take care of her. And she starts spending time with him and pictures are taken and appear online making it look like there’s something going on. But there isn’t. Adam sees these pictures and is furious. He decides to fly to St. Moritz and try and get things back on track.

Meanwhile via flashbacks we learn about Nell’s parents meeting and how they got together in St. Moritz years ago. We also learn what caused them to breakup. Things with Felicity and Adam seem to be going good until they don’t.

When Felicity comes up with a great idea to help out Nell, it also may help herself and she comes to a realization about her relationship and what she wants.

A fun, romantic story of fresh starts, love and putting the past behind you. The setting also helps a lot as it’s in beautiful place that is described like you were there. The Christmas and New Years holidays place a big part in the overall plot of the story. I really enjoyed it.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 16th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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