Book Review: ‘The Child’ Is The Next Exciting Fiona Barton Thriller

Fiona Barton is back with second novel The Child (Berkley Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, June 27). It’s the follow up to her smash first novel The Widow (if you haven’t read it yet get it and read it and then read this one). This novel once again features reporter Kate Waters.

Constructions workers make a grisly finding in a London neighborhood while tearing down buildings. The remains of a baby. It gets a mention in the news but not much is made of it. The buildings are old and no one knows how long the remains have been there. When Kate Waters finds out about it she decides to do some digging. In need of another big story (her last headline making story was via The Widow book). She along with a new, young reporter that she is assigned start working on the story. She calls her contact at the police department and gets some early leads. Doing research about missing babies in the last forty years, she’s able to narrow down some possibilities.

Meanwhile three other women have seen the story and it hits home with them:

* Angela who is married to Paul and had a baby girl Alice who was taken from the hospital the night she was born. They have never found her and they don’t know if she is dead or alive.

* Emma who has a big secret she has never truly admitted or confided in to anyone about it.

* Jude who is Emma’s mother.

With Kate on the trail, she’s able to get an exclusive with Angela and gets the ball rolling to see if the babies remains could be that of Alice. The more digging she does, the more clues she finds which leads her to the scoop and a front page story once again. Just when they think the case is solved, a big wrinkle hits with a shocking revelation and these 3 women’s lives will never be the same again.

Much like The Widow, Fiona has crafted a magnificent group of characters lead again By reporter Kate Waters. The story is a gripping tale with twists and turns galore (although if your read carefully you may like me figure it out before the climatic ending). This being her second book could have been what’s know as the sophomore more jinx to some people. It’s not! It’s every bit as good as her debut novel. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for her story.

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