Book Review: ‘The Only Child’ Is An Interesting Horror Thriller

Take some of Dracula, Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and you have the new horror thriller from Andrew Pyper The Only Child (Simon & Schuster; in stores Tuesday May 23).

Dr. Lily Dominick is a top forensic psychiatrist in New York city evaluating some of the countries most dangerous people. The client she has today is someone that she least expects it to be. He claims that he is her father Michael.

We got back to when Lily was a child of six years old and her mother was viciously killed in the woods. Lily somehow escaped this horror and walked in horrible, cold conditions and somehow survived. The police say it was a bear attack but Lily never bought it. She doesn’t remember much from that day. She never knew her father. And she also hears voices in her head. Still she somehow got past that day to become the Doctor she is today.

Michael has thrown her for a loop. She soon witnesses him killing a colleague with claws, teeth like a vampire and mind games. He warns her not to say anything and gives her clues about his origin and how he came to be. She soon learns there are forces after him. She takes off for Europe to learn about him. He soon meets up with her and we learn his story about how he was created.

Lily is fascinated and scared at the same time. She decides to go in with the people following Michael and they set a trap. She soon realizes she’s been duped and feels remorse. It’s too late and soon the chase is on by Michael (or whatever he has become by this betrayal). Lives will be lost and Lily will soon learn a shocking secret from her past and what could be her future with a twist at the end you don’t see coming.

If you like horror, thrillers, action and mystery this is the book for you. Right from the beginning you get hooked in to the story. With nods to literary classics and authors, you won’t be disappointed.

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