Book Review: ‘The Child Finder’ By Rene Denfeld

A little girl Madison has been missing for three years now, she was taken when they were looking for a Christmas tree, in Skookum National Forest, in Oregon and there’s been no luck in finding anything about her. They have decided to hire Naomi, known as The Child Finder. She has a knack for finding missing children. Not always alive but she finds them. Working with the local Sheriff and investigators, she starts her search, in the snowy mountains, which anyone of knowledge of could hide for years and not be found.

We soon meet The Snow Girl (Madison) who’s being held captive in a cave by a man who cannot speak. She has no idea what’s going on but does as she’s told by the man she dubs B. He’s taking care of her, not always being nice to Madison but in time they grow close and he lets her out of the cave and up to the house. He takes her out in the snow and soon they develop a close bond.

Naomi is still searching and looking for clues. We also learn Naomi has a past she can’t really remember and that plays into what she does now looking for children. Soon she checks with the local stores and discovers that the man B has been buying more food and stuff than he should be. She thinks he’s the one that took Madison and the hunt is on to find him before it’s too late.

In reading the press notes author Rene Denfeld had a stepfather who was a sexual predator and that led her to become a licensed investigator working on over-turning wrongful convictions and to help sex-trafficking victims. So she has some first hand knowledge of what she has written about.

A story of determination and never giving up when something horrible happens. The lead up to the climatic ending is well written and is a page-turner right to the very end.

You can pick up The Child Finder in stores on Tuesday, September 5th from HarperCollins.

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