Book Review: ‘Chicago: A Novel’ If A Quirky, Fun Read From Brian Doyle

Having lived in Chicago on the north side for a year I was excited to read Brian Doyle’s new book Chicago: A Novel (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores now). It didn’t disappoint. A quirky novel with a vivid pictures of the city (both north and south) set in the late 70’s (some 25 years before I lived there).

A young college student moves to Chicago on the north side and finds an apartment that is filled with interesting, quirky people. Just what he was looking for. He has a job at a Catholic newspaper in the heart of the city. His passion is basketball and will go play with a couple of gangs and be seen just dribbling the ball up and down the street. He also becomes friends with the people in his building. Especially two people Edward (a dog that has human qualities….yes you read this right) and Mr. Pawlowsky.

Edward takes him on many adventures throughout the city and regales him with many stories. As our unnamed narrator takes adventures to White Sox games, taking the bus at an early hour and just exploring the city, he falls in love with the place.

‘Chicago: A Novel’ is a love story to the city from Brian Doyle. I’m not sure if Brian lived there at the time, but I can attest having lived there that most everything he writes about is accurate having lived in about the same place as the novel is set.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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