Book Review: ‘Charlatans’ By Robin Cook

Robin Cook is a New York Times-bestselling author who marks the 40th anniversary of his smash novel Coma this year. He’s back with another medical mystery novel Charlatans (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday, August 22). Robin went to Harvard to start his medical career and in his novel again takes place in a hospital.

Noah Rothauser has been named Chief Resident at Boston Memorial Hospital and is a hard worker. He works almost 24/7 at the hospital, even though he has gotten in trouble for working too much. He basically lives there. He has no personal life of his own as his ex-girlfriend moved to New York City and part of the reason was because Noah worked too much.

It’s one of the most active and ground breaking hospitals with several operating rooms that are considered the future of operating. When a routine operation goes horribly wrong, Noah is in the OR witnessing what has happened. Doctor Mason who was doing the operation and is highly respected blames it on the anesthesiologist Dr. Ava London. In reality is was a combination of a lot of things including the patient lying about not eating for 12 hours.

It’s eventually ruled a tragic accident. A few days later another death happens in the OR and again Dr. London is there. And then a third time it happens again with Dr. London in the room. As Noah investigates the operations he becomes close to Ava and they start an affair. She’s getting in his head and helping him to try and not get her in trouble at the reporting meetings about the deaths. He learns she’s a complicated woman with a lot of secrets.

Noah starts to doubt Ava and soon the tables are turned on him and he’s suspended after something about his schooling comes to light. He thinks Ava has done this since he’s been questioning her about things. He decides to turn the tables on her and starts to dig into her past. It soon leads to a murder and his life is in jeopardy as he learns more about Ava and that she’s not a woman to be messed with.

A suspenseful, mystery that has you on the edge of your seat as you turn each page and figure out not is all that it seems. Robin Cook is once again at the top of his game in writing his newest novel. If you ever read Coma or any of this other novels you know that his stories are always top notch.

Find out for yourself on Tuesday, August 22.

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