Book Review: ‘Change Of Seasons: A Memoir’ By John Oates Is A Great Read About His Life

I’ve been a fan of Hall & Oates for years. I’ve seen them in concert many times over the years. I’ve never really known much about their personal lives until now. John Oates has written his story and it’s a fascinating look at his life, the music industry and Hall & Oates. He’s quick to point out this is John Oates story not a story about Daryl. Yes Daryl is mentioned a lot but again this is John’s story.

From the time he was born music was a part of his life. He even recorded his first song at 2 years old. From his days in New York to moving to the outskirts of Philly and growing up there. John goes into great detail on his every times with music, including an interesting story on how he got his first record deal (in a music store).

The music business is not an easy place and John goes into great detail about it. From meeting Daryl, to their first big contract. To how they write and record songs and life on the road. John covers it all. Even how they were so successful and then one day years later he was told he was broke. How could that happen? John explains.

He also tells great personal stories about some adventures with drugs, a guard dog and relates stuff from his personal diaries he’s kept over the years. You even get a 5 track CD with the book!

Half of the group that’s sold over 60 million records, 29 top 40 hits, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Pick up your copy of Change Of Seasons: A Memoir now in stores from St. Martin’s Press.

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