Book Review: ‘How To Change A Life’ Is A Good Novel About Turning 40 And Making Changes In Your Life

Lets face it certain ages feels like a turning point. Turning 18 you can vote, turning 21 you can drink, turning 30 is usually a turning point and then hitting 40 you usually start to take stock in your life. In her new book Stacey Ballis looks at turning 40 and making changes in your life.

Three high school friends have lost touch over the years. They met in class and found out they all have birthdays in May within a few days of each other. After high school they each went their own ways and are successful in their lives. Eloise is a great cook and works for a couple of well to do clients. Teresa is married to a successful man and has three kids. Lynne is successful in PR.

Now as they close in on the age of 40 they are re-united at the funeral of a beloved teacher they had in high school. They soon get together for girls night and reminisce. They look at an old bucket list they had to do in school. They decide with their birthdays coming up in months to make new lists. Not bucket lists but lists that they can do before their birthdays involving changing their lives for the better. Things like dating more, being more social (things they haven’t been doing). They bet money for the end of the bet for whoever wins and loses.

For Eloise it means dating more. Something she has given up on after being hurt really bad in her previous relationship. She soon meets Shawn, a handsome and successful doctor and falls in love with him. One drawback is he has a history with one of her friends that causes tension.

As the days get closer to all of their birthdays tensions are high and the three women as well as other people have made changes in their lives for the better.

Just an enjoyable look at a milestone birthday and making changes in your life for the better. There’s a lot of food talk as well since everyone seems to be able to cook.I feel like I gained five pounds just reading about all the great food. And Stacey includes recipes for some of the dishes at the end of the novel.

You can pick up How To Change A Life and the great recipes on Tuesday, August 15.

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