Book Review: ‘Cat Shining Bright: A Joe Grey Mystery’ Is The Next Fun Adventure Of The Talking Cats

Cat Shining Bright: A Joe Grey Mystery (William Morrow Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, August 15). It’s the twentieth book featuring the talking cats and the first time I have read one. One I will be reading them from now on. How have I missed reading this series of books? It’ so delightful and fun to read.

If your not familiar with the series it involves cats that can talk headed by Joe Grey, Dulcie, Pan and Kit. Only a select few of people know that they can talk. They are adventurous cats who don’t like trouble. Joe regularly hands around the police station and reads police reports of any trouble in town. When there is the cats take to the roofs and go on regular patrol looking for the bad guys. They even call 911 with random tips (yes they can use phones!). These cats are smart and very loving as well.

In this new story Dulcie and Joe have become parents to three adorable kittens. Two boys and a girl. Dulcie is being like all moms and being over-protecting of them. As the kittens grow and start talking they become want to know what’s going on and be part of the group. Dulcie and Joe say not yet until they grow more. That will not stop these kittens. Soon the boys are out and about and getting into trouble. These are not normal kittens and soon they discover they each have something special about themselves.

The towns people are having to deal with a string of car robberies/break ins and Wilma who owns Dulcie is being stalked by a mysterious man. The cats are on the prowl looking for the bad people in this interesting, fun mystery.

If you’re a cat fan or just an animal fan this book is for you. I mean who can’t like smart, talking cats???!!!!!

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