Book Review: ‘Cat Chase The Moon: A Joe Grey Mystery’ By Shirley Rousseau Murphy Is The Next Fun Cat Adventure

I am never as happy as when I receive another Joe Grey book. The talking cats are just so much fun to read. If you’re not familiar with the novels cats Joe Grey and his girl Dulcie, their friends Pan and Kit can all talk. Only a few people are aware of this. They also love to ear human food. They are well know around the town. And they are all amateur sleuths. If something happens in town they are on top of helping to solve crimes. Joe even calls in tips to the police (yes he can use a phone!). In the last book they had 3 kittens who are now a year old and two of them have left home. Only Courtney (a special cat from a line of supernatural cats) hangs around.

This time there are 3 different crime things going around. Joe found a woman being strangled and buried and saves her by giving her cat to mouth and calls it in. There’s also a crime spree through town with someone stealing money from businesses. And the third most important to Joe and Dulcie is Courtney has been cat-napped. They are frantic to find her. Ulrich Seaver has taken her and plans to make her a famous cat. At first Courtney is enjoying being pampered and when her parents find her she wants to stay where she is as she knows something shady is going on. She’s on the case.

Soon things come to ahead with the different crimes in town (which are all solved) and they all are somehow related and Courtney is now afraid and is desperate to get away from Ulrich and it leads to a mad dash for freedom with her dad and Pan. It also leads to a life altering decision for Courtney that affects her whole family.

If you’ve never read one of Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey novels jump on it. You won’t be disappointed. You can pick this one up in stores on Tuesday, April 23rd from William Morrow.

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