Book Review: ‘To Capture What We Cannot Keep’

It’s crazy how many books I’ve read in the past couple of years where Paris is the setting for the story. The latest one I just finished, To Capture What We Cannot Keep (Flatiron books in stores now), is a romantic story set in the late 1800’s at the time the Eiffel Tower is being built.

Cait lives in Scotland and has lost her husband in a tragic accident. She interviews for a position as a companion (glorified babysitter) for Alice and Jamie (young adults who are spoiled) as they go on a long trip. Part of it is in Paris. Cait meets Emile (an engineer) who’s working on the Eiffel Tower on a hot air balloon. Jamie also meets him and asks for an apprenticeship working on the tower. They soon return to their lives in Scotland.

Jamie gets his wish and the three of them movie to Paris. Emile who hasn’t stopped thinking about Cait has to put up with Jamie and his spoiled ways. He is also being paired up with Alice (as was the way the dating and set ups were in that day). He also has been having a torrid affair with Gabrielle.

Once his affair ends the heat between Cait and Emile is too much and they start an affair. She soon ends it and he starts dating Alice to be near Cait. Things happen with Jamie and Alice and Cait is put in a tough position.

Fill with twists and turns right up to the end. Using Paris as a back drop never detours from the the story. Romance and a look at what life was like at that time makes for a compelling, romantic tale.

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