Book Review: ‘Camp Valor’ Is A Great Novel About A Teenage Secret Government Training Organization

Authors Scott McEwen (American Sniper) and Hof Williams have re-teamed to write a thrilling story about a secret American training organization for troubled teens to turn their lives around and end up on secret missions for the United States. It’s compelling, gripping and has twists and turns and pushes kids to the brink.

When Wyatt a teenager gets framed for a friend’s crime he gets a mysterious visit in jail. He can get out of his court case in exchange for three months on a mysterious Government island and have the entire amount of his charges go away. When he arrives on the island it’s like nothing he was expecting. It’s a secret place with other troubled teens like himself. It’s a boot camp from hell. They expect you to fail and do everything they can to push you mentally and physically. Only a handful of the kids will survive it. If you don’t pass it you have your memory wiped and you go back to where you were before the island.

You learn everything that you would in the military, CIA, FBI and special forces combined. How to fire guns, defuse bombs, jumping out of a helicopter. The island and the program is secret but has been rumored with enemies of the US. Wyatt and his team are suddenly thrust into action when something happens and they must band together for the sake of their lives and their country. Wyatt also learns something shocking about why he is in the program.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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