Book Review: ‘By The Book: A Novel’ By Jasmine Guillory

Isabelle is 24 years old and has gotten a job at a publishing house as the assistant to one of the top editors. Two years later she’s still in that position and things don’t look like they’re goting to change. When she overhears her boss complaining about a rich Hollywood brat, who has a book deal to write his autobiography, and is way overdue to deliver it, she offers to go to his Santa Barbara house and talk to him (she’s in California at a convention). Beau Towers is a spoiled brat and Isabelle soon learns that. She also makes a deal with him to give him pep talks and to get him to work on the book. She ends up staying for months and the two become close and get the book going, even at times when he’s a jerk. The get to know each other and soon fall for each other but works calls and Izzy is offered a better job at another book company and it means back to New York amd who knows what for their relationship. If you’re a fan of rom-coms, this is the perfect one for you. It’s got two people who need each other but don’t know it and a romance story that is fun to read along with.

You can pick up By The Book in stores now.

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