Book Review: ‘Butterfly: A Novel’ By Ashley Antoinette

One of the biggest names in Urban-fiction, Ashley Antoinette, is back with a great start to a new series Butterfly, about a group of people that live in Michigan.

Morgan Atkins is only twenty years old and has been through a lot. She lost the love of her young life two years ago and as she learned about it found out she was pregnant. She was a dancer in a big troop that was popular and met Bash right after she found out she was pregnant. He offered to be the father of the kids and feel in love with her. He’s from a wealthy family who is big in society as well. But she has never had the feelings for him that he has for her.

Now she has gone back to Michigan from London and re-united with her old gang. And she meets a man from her past and soon they can’t deny the attraction they have for each other and start an affair. Bash shows up and wants to get on with the wedding. Morgan feels trapped and starts to get things moving for the wedding but the pull of another man is running through her.

And on top of that her past has come back in a big way and her life will never be the same as this book ends and sets up the next chapter.

An intense start to this new series with characters that are real and genuine. It’s a story about love, trying to put the past behind and moving on with your life. I am looking forward to the next installment of this series.

You can pick up Butterfly in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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