Book Review: ‘Butterfly 3: A Novel’ By Ashley Antoinette

Author Ashley Antoinette is back with the next chapter in her series based around Morgan, her friends and family in Michigan. It’s another well-written story that asks more questions than it answers.

Morgan Atkins doesn’t know what to do. She’s in love with two men, Messiah and Meek and is engaged to Bash, who is blackmailing her. Messiah is the father of her twins but doesn’t yet know. He went missing for two years because of illness but came back wanting Morgan’s heart. She took up with Meek, his friend and now loves them both. Messiah is doing everything he can to win her back but she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Meek has backed off but still loves her. There’s also side stories involving her friends and family, along with a great deal of violence and strong language and sex. By then end a shocking thing has happened and Messiah learns the truth, with sets up a chain reaction of events.

You can pick up Butterfly 3 in stores now.

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