Book Review: ‘Butterfly 2’ Is A Solid Follow-Up To Butterfly By Ashley Antoinette

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Last years first Butterfly book was awesome. Now author Ashley Antoinette is back with book number two in the trilogy series. It’s as good or even better than the first one. A solid story with likable characters and a love story that could go all sorts of ways.

Morgan Atkins isn’t sure she’s ready to open her heart again. She’s still engaged to Bash but is seeing and sleeping with Ahmeek, who was Messiah’s best friend before he died. The sex is awesome and she wants more but is scared. Bash still wants her back but Morgan doesn’t love him. And on top of that the reader knows that Messiah is still alive and back in town and waiting to let Morgan know. He still loves her and wants her back.

It all explodes at her 21st birthday party. Messiah shows up and everyone is shocked. Morgan is more of a mess than normal. She’s so confused. She loves Ahmeek, can’t seem to break it off yet with Bash and now Messiah is alive. It leads to all sorts of problems, a violent shoot-out, an accidental slap and a blackmail that could change everything. Just what will Morgan do?

So much happens in this book and it’s not the end. Butterfly 3 will be out next year and hopefully we get some final answers and Morgan will get to be happy finally. And also I hope you’re not sure because there are some steamy-erotic scenes!

You can pick up Butterfly 2 in stores now.