Book Review: ‘Burn You Twice: A Novel’ By Mary Burton

In Missoula, Montana in 2010 a house fire nearly killed Joan Mason and her best friend Ann Bailey. Elijah Weston was tried and found guilty of setting the fire. Now 10 years later he’s getting out of prison and returning to Missoula. Joan today is a detective in Philadelphia and when she hears the news flies back to Missoula for the first time since that night. She has been in contact with Elijah since he’s been in prison trying to figure out why he did it. He claimed then and still claims now he was innocent and set up.

The first day she is back a fatal fire takes place killing a young woman and destroying a business. Elijah is considered the prime suspect but has a solid alibi for the day. Gideon Bailey is the detective on the case (and was in a relationship with Joan before that fire ten years ago). He is allowing Joan to help with the investigation and soon more fires are taking place, including at Ann’s house.

A mysterious arsonist is writing his thoughts at the end of each chapter and this person wants Joan gone. It leads to a series of twists and turns, murders and a shocking reveal that you don’t see coming. A solid story with well-written characters and a plot that keeps readers engaged.

You can pick up Burn You Twice in stores on Tuesday, September 29th.

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