Book Review: ‘Bullseye’ Is Another Exciting Michael Bennett Story

James Patterson writes the best novels. Not one that I have read has been bad. He has a series of characters that he writes novels about. His latest is in the Michael Bennett series. Bullseye (Little, Brown And Company; In stores Tuesday, August 1).

It’s a snowy Saturday morning and all Michael wants to do is cook breakfast for his large family and nanny/girlfriend. When his phone rings and he is requested for an emergency meeting. When he arrives he’s told that the President is coming to town to the UN and he’s been requested to help with the FBI and protection. He’s assigned to fly in a helicopter on sniper patrol. When he sees a sniper on the top floor of a building the crash land and go after the guy. The sniper is thwarted this time. Knowing that there’s a potential hit-man out there, the search is on to find him.

The hit-man is working on a new plan to get the President when he returns to speak at the United Nations. Michael, the FBI and New York’s finest are working around the clock to find this guy. There’s twists and turns along the way and Michael is not going to rest until he finds this guy.

I always look forward to my visits with Michael and his family. It’s like visiting old friends once a year and catching up with them. You can jump right in with this series, as James does a good job giving quick backstory on who people are and how things came about.

You can as well when Bullseye comes out on Tuesday, August 1.

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