Book Review: ‘Bring Her Home’ Is An Exciting Story With Many Twists And Turns

Bill Price’s wife died a year and a half ago when she fell off a ladder. Her thirteen and a half year old daughter Summer found her on that fateful day. Now at age fifteen she and her best friend Haley have disappeared. When the girls bodies are found a few days later they are badly beaten and Haley is dead. At her bedside in the hospital Bill hears Summer say No. He’s not sure what that means. She is in really bad shape.

The police are all over this and question Bill about what he knows. He like everyone else is a potential suspect. Bill is losing his patience with the police and starts investigating on his own. The more he sits with Summer, the more he notices things don’t seem right with her. The more they do investigate the more twists and turns this story takes. Shocking revelations will affect not only Bill’s family but that of Summer up until the final reveal.

I am being a bit vague on the story review. There are so many twists and turns I don’t want to spoil them for anyone that picks up the book. It’s an exciting thriller up until the final, twisty reveal.

You can pick up Bring Her Home from David Bell in stores on Tuesday, July 11 from Berkley Trade Paperback Original.

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