Book Review: ‘What Your Break’ Is The Next Thrilling Gus Murphy Novel

When we last left Gus Murphy he was still grieving over the sudden death of his twenty year old son, his grieving ex and his daughter, who turned to drugs and sex to cope. An ex Suffolk County cop, he know works at the Paragon Hotel as a shuttle driver and ticket taker/bouncer on the weekends. He knows bad people when he sees them.

As the story starts Gus is picking up a passenger at the airport. He senses the man could be trouble. He notices that his co-worker at the hotel Slava (who has a mysterious past he doesn’t talk about) and the man have a look, Gus knows something is up. When he follows them one night to a mysterious meet up and a sees a man killed, he confronts Slava and offers to try and help him out a deadly situation. It also endangers Gus’s life and the people close to him. His new love is being threatened as is Gus if he doesn’t turn over Slava to people that want him.

Meanwhile Gus is asked to investigate the violent death of Ling Trang by her grandfather. The murderer has been caught but something is not right with the case. Gus starts investigating and finds that’s theirs more to the story then the police have. The more digging he does, the more it unnerves certain people. It leads to a deadly show down with the people that killed Ling Trang and the people that want Slava dead.

Reed Farrel Coleman is a New York Times bestselling author. This is the second book with Gus Murphy (and hopefully not the last one). It’s a thrilling crime novel with twists and turns in the story right up to the end.

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