Book Review: ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Is A Stellar Debut Novel From Author Trent Dalton

12 year old Eli Bell lives outside of Brisbane, Australia. He lives with his mother and boyfriend Lyle, who are drug dealers and his brother August, who doesn’t like to talk but communicate with his hands but is very smart. He has an older friend, a man named Slim. Slim is a criminal who is known for escaping prison all the time. Eli’s life turns upside down when Lyle is killed in a drug deal, his mother is in prison, Eli loses a finger and they now have to live with their drunk father.

Eli learns a lot from Slim and not always good stuff. He wants to be a good person and become a journalist. We follow Eli as he grows, falls in love and gets a job as a journalist. He has to deal with Tylus, a legendary drug dealer. We follow his adventures rooting for him to become one of the good guys and succeed where others may have failed.

This is a great debut novel from author Trent Dalton. The characters, plot and way it is written all combine to enrich the reader and not want to put the book down. More books like this in the future and Trent will be a force in the writing world.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from Harper.

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