Book Review: ‘The Bookshop At Water’s End’ Is A Good Summer Read

New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry is back with her newest book The Bookshop At Water’s End (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; in stores Tuesday, July 11). An intense tale of two women who must face their pasts in order to move on with their futures.

Dr. Bonny Blankenship is a successful ER doctor who’s ready for changes in her life. That includes leaving her job for a new position and to tell her husband she’s leaving and wants a divorce. She’s at a crossroads in her life and needs to change it ASAP.

Lainey is best friends with Bonny and lives in California with her husband and kids. Lainey is also haunted by her mother’s disappearance when she was a child. Her mother was a mess and just up and left one night after an almost tragic accident. She has never been able to find out what happened to her after all these years and it has caused issues in her marriage. She also has a brother Owen who is always on the go and barely keeps in touch with her.

When the ER is suddenly full after a couple of accidents Bonnie comes face to face with her past. Owen is one of the patients and she’s shocked to see him. She and Own use to be a thing and the feelings between the two of them have never gone away. Bonnie is over worked and is working on a patient when she may have given him a wrong drug. The guy dies before getting to surgery and Bonnie is blamed and put on suspension pending an investigation.

This is the perfect time for her to flee to her childhood home in Water’s End (she owns the house she grew up in there). She convinces Lainey to come as well (she doesn’t want to go but relents and does go). Also along is Bonnie’s daughter Piper (who is has a broken heart after breaking up with her boyfriend).

Piper discovers a book store (and meets a new man) and a lady named Mimi who owns the store and has lived in the town her whole live and may be the key to answering questions from long ago. As the days go along in Water’s End, Bonnie learns her fate and Lainey gets the answers to her long asked questions.

The story rotates between characters in each chapter and gives all the backstory of Bonnie, Lainey and Owen’s childhood and time in Water’s End. What is all comes down to is about re-finding yourself and knowing the past can never truly stay buried and coming to terms with it can help you move forward. A great summer read for the pool, the ocean or just sitting in the park and being outside.

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