Book Review: ‘Bombshell’ Is The The Next Thrilling Teddy Fay Novel

by | May 13, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

It’s time for the Oscar nominations and Centurian Studios is looking forward to a lot of nominations for its movie Desperation At Dawn. And they are not disappointed. The get noms for Best Picture, Actress for Tessa Tate (Ben’s Wife), Mark Wheldon aka Teddy Fay aka Billy Barnett for Best Supporting Actor, screening writing and directing for Peter Barrington.

Across town actress Viveca Rothschild is also watching the nominations and is also nominated for Best Actress. It’s her third nomination and she wants it bad. She decides to start a small smear campaign against Tessa. She also ends up getting a part in the new movie Peter is directing starring Tessa.

Mobster Gino Patelli wants Teddy Fay as Billy Barnett producer taken out, he believes Teddy/Billy had something to do with the death of his Uncle. He sends many a hitman after Teddy. But Teddy is too smart for them. Then he tries to have Teddy set up for murder but again Teddy is too smart for them.

He hires a long-range shooter to take Teddy out and the guy just needs the right time. The problem is Billy Barnett is not around a lot as he is being actor Mark Wheldon. They decide on the Oscars as being the perfect place to finally get Billy.

The new movie is filming and Tessa and Viveca are getting along great and becoming friends. She’s worried her part of the bad gossip about Tessa will be traced back to her. And Teddy is on the case with the journalist who is writing the stories. Tessa’s boyfriend Bruce, ex-military and suffering from PTSD, decides to take matters into his own hands. He has an Oscar night surprise planned as well in case Viveca loses.

At the awards Teddy spots all this and he has to react quickly in order to try and neutralize things before anyone is hurt.

These stand-alone Teddy Fay books are awesome. This is the fourth one and each one keeps getting better. There’s an appearance by Stone Barrington and Dino as well. Teddy Fay is just a bad-ass character.

You can pick up Bombshell in stores on Tuesday, May 26th from Putnam.