Book Review: ‘The Body In The Casket’ Is The Next Fun Faith Fairchild Mystery

Katherine Hall Page is back with her 24th novel featuring Faith Fairchild. It’s my first time reading one and won’t be my last time. Faith Fairchild, her family and friends, live in a small village outside of Boston in Aleford. She owns a very successful catering company and it’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone else and their business.

When famed New York Broadway Producer Max Dane calls and wants her to cater his 70th birthday party in nearby Havenhurst at Rowan House, she is shocked. She has never heard of this place(it’s a rich enclave). His offer is for a lot of money. It involves her catering for a weekend and staying at the house. The guests are all former members of his last failed Broadway play from 20 years ago titled Heaven or Hell (most of these people are bitter at Max). Oh yeah part of Faith’s job is also keeping an eye out on the guests as one of them wants to kill Max (someone left him a coffin at his house).

Faith is know for her mystery solving as well as her catering. She agrees to take the job. In the time leading up to the birthday weekend, Faith has to deal with her son being dumped by his girlfriend, her friend Pix’s mother and a suspicious man she is seeing and Pix’s daughter moving back home after breaking up with her boyfriend and losing her job. Also her husband Tom is dealing with a developer who wants to build a strip mall in town (something most residents don’t want).

At the birthday weekend Faith notices what an interesting group of people these men and women are. There’s a tension among everyone as she observes and tries to figure out who might be trying to kill Max. The winter storm moving through only adds to the tension of the house. Throughout the weekends long held secrets are released and someone is murdered (not Max). Faith thinks that person was the one that was going to kill Max and it seems like it’s over. But it’s not and a shocking reveal is made that could end Faith and Max’s lives.

As I said earlier my first time reading one of these mysteries. It’s a fun, delightful, easy read about a small town and a mystery (and if you’re like me will have figured out who was the murder). I just wish I have the time to go back and read all the previous stories.

The Body In The Casket will be in stores on Tuesday, December 5th from William Morrow.

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